30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne

30+ years of collective experience utilized through tireless service across Melbourne


    Available 24/7 For Your Plumbing Emergencies

    At Access Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing a range of high quality plumbing services in Glenroy and surrounding areas. From blocked drains to clogged toilets, burst pipes, new installations or just about any other plumbing emergency, our team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week for your plumbing needs. Our plumbers have 30+ years experience and are equipped with the highest quality equipment so call today for a reliable plumbing service in Glenroy!

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    We perform routine maintenance of your commercial or residential plumbing systems.

    New Installation

    Our plumbers are highly experienced in carrying out installations and replacements.


    Call us for a complete plumbing checkup, inspection and diagnosis of your plumbing system.

    Our Services

    Our plumbers in Glenroy are highly trained and fully equipped to offer a comprehensive range of plumbing services.
    Residential Services

    Residential Services

    Our courteous residential plumbers offer complete domestic plumbing solutions to residents in Glenroy.

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    >Commercial Plumbing

    Commercial Plumbing

    As your local plumbing service, we can address your commercial plumbing needs with no time to waste.

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    Emergency Services

    Emergency Services

    Avoid major setbacks and delays! Our team is fully equipped to handle your emergency plumbing needs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Do you operate after business hours?

      Plumbing issues occur when you least expect it and as professional emergency plumbers, we’re ready to accommodate your needs as much as possible even after the usual 9-5 business hours! Our plumbers are fully licensed and certified, and are capable of handling several different problems including blocked drains, blocked toilets, burst pipe repair, gas fitting, roofing issues, commercial plumbing and more!

    • Do I have a leak?

      The most glaring signs of a water leak are high water bills or low water pressure. Eventually, a water leak in your walls or roof will stain and encourage growth of mould. Regular inspections and fixing small leaks early using our plumbers in Glenroy & suburbs will save you countless dollars in the long run.

    • My pipe burst, what should I do next?

      As soon as you notice it, shut off the water from the main valve. You’ll also need to turn off your electricity in order to avoid any shocks and call for an emergency plumber to rectify the issue and replace the pipe.

    • My toilet is clogged, what’s my next step?

      The first thing you should do is check if your cistern contains water before flushing. Next, you can try empting a bucket of hot water and if you still aren’t able to get your toilet flushing then we recommend calling our local blocked toilets plumber to come and take a look! In general, we recommend plumbing maintenance to be performed every 18 months to 2 years for your bathroom to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

    • My drain is clogged, what do I do?

      You can try using a drain snake to unblock the obstruction if it is close enough to the surface. We recommend avoiding using harsh chemicals to resolve clogs in your piping as these chemicals could potentially erode at the inner plumbing and leave you with a much bigger problem than a blockage. At Access Plumbing, one of our greatest advantages is that we use entirely sustainable products to clean blocked drains- no harm to you, your plumbing or the environment!

    • What should I avoid putting down my sink?

      If you want to avoid unnecessary clogs, make sure to avoid putting hair, grease, flour and other sticky substances down your sink. Over time, these substances will cause a clog that will slow down your drain’s functionality and eventually lead to the need for plumbing repairs.

    Our Professional Team

    Our plumbers have the skillset and experience needed to get the job done right once and for all! Equipped with the best quality equipment and materials, our expert team ensures your plumbing system is in capable hands.

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